Pure Happiness

Who can resist the lure of a sunny day, pedaling your way along the beach with the wind in your hair? If this sounds like a good time, you would not be alone with that thought. Beach bikes have returned in popularity in the last ten years and for a good reason. They are just plain fun!

Keeping It Simple

One of the allures of beach bikes has to be simplicity of the design. No fancy gears to get you all confused - no brakes to pull. The simple design of the beach bike is one that even a kid could master in an afternoon. This makes it the perfect bike for just about anyone.

A Good Beginner's Bike

Of course, the fact that it is an easy-to-handle ride makes it perfect for that first bike. Beginners can learn to handle gears later; this is a bike for the simple joy of riding! The candy colored paint jobs make it pretty and the desire to dress it up with accessories gives even the novice rider an incentive to go a bit further.

Return To Biking

With many baby boomers retiring, this is the perfect bike for the retiree who hasn't ridden a bicycle in decades. Bringing back the joy of riding, this is a bike that can be ridden for leisure all day, and without a care in the world for when you plan to return home.

Start Biking The Beach

In the end just about anyone who loves to bike along the beach should consider getting a beach bike - It's the ultimate of all cruiser bicycles! Their simple uncomplicated style makes them the right choice for kids, teens, weekend riders and even retirees. Bike the beach in style from now on!