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    It's common for valving to vary a great degree from one shock to the next even if they are made by the same company. Some shocks may be very close to what they are stamped, while others may be several valves different. Bishop Racing offers a full line of shock services from dyno testing to complete shock repair. We can make sure that if you think you're bolting on a 5, it's a 5. Accurate valving is key to the performance of any race car, big or small.

   We also offer coil spring testing with our Intercomp spring tester. Just because your springs are new doesnt mean they are the rate they are marked.  We can test any brand and almost any size springs.

Non-Adjustable Shock Dyno $10.00

Adjustable Shock Dyno $15.00

Non-Adjustable Shock Rebuild $50.00 plus parts

Adjustable Shock Rebuild $65.00 plus parts

Spring Test $6.00

All new shocks and springs come with free testing.